T-Rex Skulls

Everybody loves T-Rex, though the mix of tender admiration and outright fear can get a bit muddy at times. If you prefer your Tyrannosaurus dead, as opposed to roaming free during a tropical storm on a dinosaur island, you may care for these little T-Rex Skull pendants, cufflinks, earrings, and rings. They’re fancy and completely immune to the effects of chaos theory.

Remember the days of the enormous terrible lizards.

Look, even the fancy and completely awesome Emmy Cicierega loves ’em.

Do you recall those heady days before the thousand tonne slab of roving space debris plowed into the earth like a wayward Ford Taurus, ending the reign of the terrible lizards as flatly as a period on the end of a sentence?

You might want to remind yourself of those heady days with some T-Rex skull swag.