Photo by Billie Grace Ward

I’m Matthew Borgatti. I am an industrial and mechanical designer. You may have seen monsters I’ve built, printed objects I’ve released, or own one of the products I’ve helped design. My work has appeared in Wired, Vice, BoingBoing, PopSci, and TechCrunch. There’s a good chance that one of my passports is hanging around at your local hackerspace.

Between getting my industrial design degree at RISD and now I’ve built miniaturized microscopes for self contained water bear biomes, space suit gloves for NASA (as a subcontractor working with Final Frontier Design), impact resistant drone shells for Google Wing, a fleet of handwriting robots for Bond, in-house projects for Instructables, kite powered racers for Makani, and the CNC curriculum at TechShop. I also animated a TV series for NOVA and put together a Spider-Man inspired wall climbing suit for Prototype This. I’m also a member of NYC Resistor, New York’s longest running hackerspace, and a professor at SVA, teaching systems design and smart objects.

I am also co-founder of, and lead the mechanical design at Super-Releaser. Super-Releaser is a robotics company that specializes in bio-inspired machines, improving how humans interface with robots, and product development. Our clients include NASA, Google X, Midnight CommercialGoogle ATAP, 3Scan, SOLS, and Cadillac. We work to make soft robotics a part of everyday life by developing them under a design-for-manufacture lens.



Email me: sm.rah@m