I’m Matthew Borgatti. I specialize in design engineering, cross-disciplinary research, and program management. I’ve designed systems and developed architectures for a wide variety of complex technical projects, from next-gen spacesuit gloves to durable lightweight drone shells for Google X’s Project Wing. I’ve also worked in unusual problem spaces, building animatronic snakes for Snakes on a Plane and microscopic habitats for water bears.

This page displays my portfolio highlighting recent work. I’ve put personal projects up on the blog if you’re interested in what I do when I’m not solving problems for clients. You can learn more about my background here.


Google X Project Wing, Google ATAP Project ARA, NASA (Subcontractor), MIT Media Lab, NYU ITP, Midnight Commercial, Sols, Cadillac, Eyebeam, Instructables, Tech Shop, Amalgamated Dynamics, Makani, Discovery Channel, Cartier, NOVA, Bond, Final Frontier Design, Otherlab, Squid Labs, The Simpsons, New Line Cinema, NBA All-Star Weekend, Twentieth Century Fox Films, O’Reilly Media, MAKE Magazine, New Regency Pictures, Samsung, Collins, Bell Labs