Sleek and Destroy

I’ve just opened up a store called Sleek and Destroy. I’m filling it with awesome, stylish, nerdy goodies. I’m starting out by releasing a new laser cut piece every week. Currently you can find a selection of jewelry featuring Guy Fawkes, the iconic symbol of the shadowy hacker group Anonymous, and some utterly incredible raptors. They’ll make you want to don a white suit, complete with Colnel Sanders beard, and found your own dinosaur island.

Raptors… Why does it always have to be Raptors?

Sleek and Destroy started out life as an Etsy store. It quickly blossomed and gave me some serious opportunities to expand my art. It also came with some compromises, so I’ve rebuilt it and released it in the iteration you see today. The whole concept is to fuel bigger and more elaborate art. I’ve wanted to produce more cast metal jewelry, belt buckles, and goggles, but it ends up being a massive expensive endeavor to produce only one of each at a time. However, if I can get more people interested to the point at which I can start a production line, it makes a whole new echelon of complex, beautiful, intricate art possible.