Bioshock Belt Buckle

Bioshock was a beautiful game. After playing it, I got hooked on the idea of turning its logo into a metal belt buckle. The prototype was milled out of machinst’s wax over on the Tormach 4-axis CNC at Techshop. When I finished molding it in silicone, I had some wax duplicates cast in bronze. You can see more of the prototype on Flickr and view a tutorial of the process on Instructables.

The first version informed some design and method changes which were applied to a 3d printed Objet version. This was then duplicated in wax and turned into a short series. The process of revising and refining an idea from its rough first iteration, fostering that kernel that inspired everything until it’s spun out into a successful design is incredibly rewarding. I’ve released the design on Thingiverse if you’d like to download it and print your own.


Bioshock buckles on SuperPunch, Technabob, CrunchGear, and Kyozokicks.