Cadillac Horizon Interactive Sculpture

I worked with Midnight Commercial to create a giant interactive sculpture for Cadillac. The sculpture premiered at the Marfa Film Festival, with the help of Interview Magazine, Gentex, and The Story Lab.

The sculpture features 200 digital rear view mirrors, arranged in a ring, that become windows in to a virtual world. When visitors come up to the sculpture and swivel the mirrors, they see a portion of a virtual landscape through the glass. This world is dotted with landmarks and symbols from Marfa’s history.

I developed mechanisms and lean manufacturing systems for this project. We were under the gun to build a 10′ steel ring, 200 optical couplers to power the mirrors, a robust lightweight stand that could tolerate dozens of visitors pulling mirrors around at a time, and enclosures to streamline all the electronic elements for efficient packing, transit, and deployment. The electrical engineering and Raspberry Pi wrangling was handled by Noah Feehan of Weft fame. The graphics and interaction were overseen by Adrià Navarro. Katie Treidl came in to assist with manufacturing and quality control. Casey Bloomquist managed the crating, wrangling, and deployment.

You can find more on the sculpture’s design and reception at Midnight Commercial’s site and Interview Magazine.