Tiny Grumps

Yes, I know. All of my projects involve laser cutting of some flavor or another these days. I’m hopelessly addicted to cutting things with beams of light. Given that I’m a huge nerd and am prone to youtube celebrity fandom, I made some little keychains for my favorite “guys making funny voices while playing videogames” show: Game Grumps.

The first go at GameGrump keychains. I sent these on to the creators. They enjoyed ’em.

The first set were made by dividing an illustration from the show into different sections, cutting the sections out of black and white acrylic, filling in the etched details of the mouths and little expression lines with ink, and assembling them with superglue. I really like the results, and apparently reddit does as well. I sent a set along to the show’s creators and they were pleased with the results.

The new full color design shown here with his older brother.

I just polished off another design yesterday based on the same theme. These guys are a combination of black laser cut acrylic and a cut vinyl sticker. I think with a jig to keep the stickers perfectly aligned with the plastic and some more control over getting every last bubble and wrinkle out, they could be as cool as the 3d extruded version.

You can find some more pictures of the designs on Flickr here. I’m currently talking with the folks from SharkRobot about producing a series of these for their store as well as related ones for the other artists they represent. I’m keeping my fingers crossed, as it stands to be a fantastic way to both grow Sleek and Destroy and play with some new designs.