Stamps for the Store

I adore stylish branding and packaging. I don’t often indulge in pricey products, being a starving artist and all, but satiate my object lust through ffffound, Notcot, and Core77. Now that I’m operating my own store, I figure it’s my duty to pump out as many sleek, addictive, catchy, and above all awesome things into it as possible.

The latest addition in said parade of new stylish flourishes is a set of packing enhancements by way of stamps. From now on just about everything I touch will bear the imprint of these incredibly sexy stamps. They came at a very reasonable price and arrived within a few days of ordering from Simon’s Stamps.

I suspect the secret to their rapid turnaround is digital fabrication at its simplest. I’m thinking masters for the rubber stamp are etched as a positive in plastic, cast to make a negative mold, and then duplicated in the stamp rubber. I used a similar method to make part of the design on some scratch-off business cards.