Pillow Mace in French Science Magazine

Yep, I’m kind of a big deal. How many people do you know that appear in the popular French children’s science magazine “Science et Vie Découvertes”? Well, now you know at least one.

I like how they mirrored the image for composition and still remembered to correct the diploma up on the wall so it reads. Good work.

A few months ago I was contacted by a French publisher, asking for permission to publish a photo of mine and some details on the Pillow Mace. Little did I know it was for a kid’s science mag. It’s kind of exciting to have my face in glossy print. Now I just need to find someone to translate the caption for me.

Would anyone care to help me translate this?

This is actually the second time I can think of I’ve appeared in a magazine I don’t personally read. A Canadian Christian family magazine got in touch with me some time last year requesting permission to publish a photo of me for an article. I was incredibly amused when I learned that it was this photo of my lower half, originally taken for my Seat Belt Belt Instructable. They were running an article on safety belts and safe driving, and possibly Jesus, and they wanted to use the photo for levity. There’s just something charming about families gathering around the fire to read a good wholesome magazine and stare at my crotch.