Pillow Mace Aftermath

I’d like to thank everyone who took a shine to my Pillow Mace. The pillow fight was tremendous, fun, and a wee bit terrifying. Just after the cops inspected my mace and gave me the go-ahead to enter the baraccaded pillow fighting zone someone yelled “He’s got a Pillow Mace… Get him!” That pretty much sums up the fight for me. I spent most of it bent double under the weight of hammering pillows. After about ten minutes of punishment I was deeply in need of an exit


I must have been stopped thirty or so times to pose for photos, explain how I made it, and chat with people about the pillow fight. One guy even came up to me excitedly spouting “I saw you on Reddit!” After the first ten folks the charm of celebrity wore off in a big way. Thankfully my friend Tony was there to commiserate with when I was twenty people deep in explaining that yes, in fact, I did make it myself.

I really couldn’t escape this all day.

Tony edited together a beautiful set of shots featuring the Pillow Mace at the Pillow Fight Flashmob in Union Square. Check it out here.