Feather Mohawk Tutorial

I’ve had a heap of requests asking how I made my feather mohawk. Well, yearn no more: I’ve made a complete feather mohawk tutorial and it’s up on Instructables.

The process is actually pretty simple. First, you get some feathers, buckram, glue, and a brush. Then, you trace the profile of your head to get some basic measurements, cut out the buckram to form a skullcap and a support for the feathers, sew ’em together, and glue the feathers on in layers. The most frustrating part is that feather fuzzies get everywhere and there’s pretty much nothing to be done about it.

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T-Rex Skulls

Everybody loves T-Rex, though the mix of tender admiration and outright fear can get a bit muddy at times. If you prefer your Tyrannosaurus dead, as opposed to roaming free during a tropical storm on a dinosaur island, you may care for these little T-Rex Skull pendants, cufflinks, earrings, and rings. They’re fancy and completely immune to the effects of chaos theory.

Remember the days of the enormous terrible lizards.

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I drift through zones of being pro and anti-pumpkin. There are times when the tiny little saws don’t break and I’m not clearing vast swatches of diamond hard pumpkin jizm off the kitchen table that I think to myself “You know, pumpkin carving isn’t all that bad.”

I’ve discovered, over the years, that pumpkin etching, painting, sculpting, and mechanizing are far more rewarding to wit: my Guy Fawkes Jack-O-Lantern. Observe ye mighty and despair.

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