Pork Pie Door Installed

As a follow up on my previous post, I’d like to show you how the door for Pork Pie Hatters looks all installed on its building. After many hours, repeated calls to the contracting dispatching depot, bribes, and stress everything’s settled. Now there’s a beautiful, stylish, and above all functional door on the front of that business.

Pork Pie Hatters, a fantastic hat shop in NYC, asked me to design them a custom door and here’s the result. This is a solid ash apothecary style door with actual hand applied gold leaf.

The door is a custom solid ash apothecary style door. It’s got a light stain and is sealed with several coats of flooring grade urethane. I’m hoping that it’ll deepen and develop character after the years of abuse NY will have to offer. I’m also hoping the oiled bronze hardware I chose will tarnish and develop as more and more people handle it.

You can check out photos of the door, the shop, and what everything looks like in situ on flickr.