1 Hour Project: Chef Excellence

The world of bargain basement product design is odd. You’ve got people cutting corners in new and innovative places. Sometimes it’s labeling surplus or flawed items as new stock. Sometimes it’s taking something that gets manufactured for one purpose, rebranding it, and bumping up the price. Sometimes it’s giving something the gloss and polish of an above-the-board piece of merchandise without all the inconvenience and expense of original/licensed art or celebrity endorsements.

Stuart Ashen rounds up some of the worst offenders and reviews them with wit, charm, and a posh British accent. One of his best and most lasting discoveries has been Chef Excellence, the shining spokeschef for Stay-Fresh Food Bags. To get the context you’ll just have to watch the video.

“An Excellent ___________.” Has become a consistent meme in my life, and I wanted to find more ways to share it with the world. Thus: Chef Excellence Stamps.

I sent one along to Stuart, and he replied with a nice picture. Thanks, Stuart.