Print Your Own Robot: Part 7

Print Your Own Robot: Part 7

I am now the grinning overlord of a fully functional robotic tentacle. I’m quite pleased. After a few iterations, some hair pulling, and some utterly excellent help from programmer, hacker, and generally awesome person TQ, the Trefoil Tentacle is now waving about in all its eerie undulating glory. You can find a whole set of high res images of it here.

If you're craving an animated GIF of a tentacle wiggling about, this here's your image.

The control scheme is pretty simple: a barebones visual interface in Processing sends signals to an Arduino. From there, it switches the low power signal to high power via a Darlington transistor. The transistor switches each of 3 solenoid valves on and off, providing air to each of the 3 bladders inside of the silicone tentacle. The valves operate on a really slow PWM, their duty cycle determining how much air makes it to each bladder. Since there’s a bleed I can control on the system, I don’t have to worry about pumping air both in and out. I just adjust how much time the valves spend on, and the tentacle does it’s routine. All of the code for the setup is here on Adafruit’s forum.

I got some video of the thing waving about, flexing, and doing a 360 yesterday:

There’s a quadruped design getting its internals injection cast in wax this week, and should be seeing some progress in the very near future. I’ve been making steady progress on setting up an automated system to work out the internal geometry of these mechanisms with Meredith Patterson, and am hoping to have something to show for it in a month’s time. All in all, the world of soft robotics is looking pretty excellent at the moment.

I'm Matthew Borgatti. Howdy.I'm Matthew Borgatti. I run a store called Sleek and Destroy, and I love to make stuff.


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  5. pano
    Oct 04, 2013 @ 08:07:49

    Is there any way that you can provide me a link to the compressor and solenoids you used in this project? i wan to check their specs for a different application.

    really neat by the way and I really like your site.


    • Matt
      Oct 07, 2013 @ 17:03:34

      Thanks for the kind words. Just about any solenoid air valves and compressor will work. The parts I used were just random bits I had lying around the shop. The compressor is a 40psi airbrush pump and the valves are off of a Pneutronics board I found on eBay.

      If you want more details on the process you can find an in-depth tutorial here –


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