Print Your Own Robot: Part 3 VIDEO!

After only six actual work days, a few afternoons spent on CAD, and a lot of tweaking, I’ve got a working robotic tentacle prototype! I used the hand pump off of a sphygmomanometer and a lot of sil-poxy, but it’s working in a rough and ready way. There’s video after the jump below.

I had to cut this one open to fully remove all the core and then sealed it back up. I think the next version will evacuate the core cleanly due to the powder tweaks we made, though. It could also use some revisions to the way it interfaces with the air supply. In the future I’m going to have to run some tests on adhering silicone to various plastics to see what will make for the most solid fittings. The sil-poxy infosheet says polyurethanes are a good candidate, so I might start there.

Thanks to Jim Bredt of Viridis3D for providing the materials science and 3d printing end of this endeavor. I wouldn’t be able to do this without him.

4 thoughts on “Print Your Own Robot: Part 3 VIDEO!

  1. Good Morning Matt,
    I am a student at the University of South Carolina Electrical Engineering department. I am currently developing a robotic fish utilizing the same technology that you have created with your tentacle. Having limited financial backing(meaning my team of 4 students are the primary backers), do you believe that Viridis3D would be willing to sponsor or assist our project? We are willing to produce any youtube videos and/or advertisement for you or their help. Any assistance or advice would be greatly appreciate! Thank You!

    1. Howdy. I’ll ping them and ask. It seems like they’re eager to work with new problems and push their technologies as far as they can go, but being a small company there’s only so much time and manpower to go around. It can’t hurt to ping them at

      It’s awesome that you’re pushing technology along the same lines I’m pursuing. Are you using methods I developed, or another process? I’d love to see more of the project and what kind of prototyping ends up producing successful designs. Does your group have a site?

  2. guys I love the idea I am planning my self to apply this principle to the design of a haptic interface. I hope to share the results as you share yours.

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