Tardis Ring

Years ago, I designed a series of Tardis and Dalek rings as an experiment in SolidWorks modeling. I wanted to have a ring design that would support a sculptural element with a shank that would change proportionally to feel natural in a wide variety of ring sizes. I was also way into Dr. Who at the time.

I produced a high resolution 3d print, which I sent out for molding at a studio in Queens, and got silver castings back in the mail. For a while, I sold finished silver rings on Etsy, but the margins were just too tight for me to keep up with. The very final ring I sold was a custom size, which I was able to produce by calling in a favor from a friend of a friend, and using their equipment to extend the ring band a couple of sizes to suit the customer.

I’ve uploaded my SolidWorks file for the Tardis design along with the STL’s I produced for different sizes. You can download everything to 3d print your own here.