The Anywhere Organ

I’m developing an enormous interactive musical sculpture called the Anywhere Organ. It uses organ pipes, salvaged from discarded church organs. With a combination of some electronics and CAD I’ve designed a system that can easily be expanded to more voices and pipes as I gather more pipes and add to the instrument.

This sculpture is about replicating all the most incredible aspects of pipe organs: the way they fill a space with sound, how the instrument and the building that houses it are all part of the same sonic system playing each other, how beautiful the pipes are when seen rank upon rank together, how they can mix different voices and instruments together to create complex other-worldly sounds. The crucial difference between your ordinary run-of-the-mill organ and the Anywhere Organ is that the Anywhere Organ can be brought anywhere, turning any space into a cathedral of sound.

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Interactive Parametrics

Today has been a busy, busy day. It will probably be the baseline for what’s shaping up to be an incredibly busy week.

I’ve spent the day Makerbotting, programming, and enjoying the company of some truly brilliant people at the Interactive Parametrics workshop. Once things are settled and the dust has cleared I’ll be documenting some of the fruits of my labor. I’ve even gotten to document the MakerBots Bre was kind enough to bring along to modeLab in time lapse.

I’ve learned a few important things. Firstly, Processing has a lot more functionality for 3d modeling and array based modeling that I’d figured. Second, Marius Watz is an excellent teacher and has built some beautiful libraries for 3d modeling in processing. And thirdly, the Thing-O-Matic is a damn impressive piece of hardware.

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