Lock Pick Earrings

A year or so back my long time hacker friend Dichro made some lock pick earrings to wear in case of emergencies. Di asked me to give a go at some slim, elegant, sophisticated ones that pass as everyday jewelry. After some poking and testing and experiments, I believe I’ve come up with just that.

An elegant accessory, perfect for quick escapes, late nights, and lost keys. These acid etched stainless steel earrings are lightweight and feature a selection of picks, rakes, and a tension bar. They’re decked out with silver plated rings and ear hooks.

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Cool Story, Bro

Do you know what a cool story is? A cool story is the kind of story your effervescent neighbor at the bar slurs at your for ten minutes straight, sans consonants, while using his Molson as a crutch. At the conclusion of such a story, such a fine story with such depth and richness, it’s apt to stand up, bow slightly, and leave with the following bon mot : “Cool story, bro.

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