3d Print-able Sleep No More Mask

Sleep No More is an incredible production: an immersive live performance staged on an expansive five story set inhabiting New York’s abandoned McKittrick Hotel [I have been informed that the bit about the set being built out of an abandoned hotel is just PR fluff… SNM actually takes place in a warehouse scratch built to look like an old hotel. The more you know]. I don’t need to sing its praises. Other folks have done so amply, effusively, and more successfully in other formats. Just Google it.

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I am Amanda Fucking Palmer

I went to the Gemini and Scorpio Masquerade Macabre this year, which is an event stuffed with artists, arealists, musicians, and the kind of people who make life worth living. I had a lovely chance encounter with Eva Galperin, saw a few dozen intense costumes, helped Danielle Hills of Gilding Primal Instinct wrangle her display, and hobnobbed with the creators of Baritarian Boy.

Since it was scheduled to be such a fancy gala I thought it was time to dress up as something wonderful. I used to go all out for Halloween costumes, but have ended up spending more time on other folks’ costumes than my own lately. Well, I couldn’t think of anything more wonderful than Amanda Palmer, so voila. I’ve got to thank Numi for providing the wig, makeup, and most of the wardrobe for this one. I mostly picked out clothing and kvetched as my eyebrows were being painted on.

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