Soft Robotics Talks at NYCResistor

I’m trying to get more people playing with soft robots. I’m releasing open source design files, tutorials, and now teaching classes. They’re a useful tool to add to any roboticist’s engineering toolbox, and if they were more widely known I think we’d see them outside the research lab and applied to practical problems.

I’ve taught a couple of seminars on soft robotics (demonstrating how I fabricate the Glaucus) over the last few weeks. I’m also giving a few talks soon – one at a seminar for engineering simulations, and another at NYC’s Spaceapps Hackathon.

You can find more information on the last few classes on the Soft Robotics Technology Meetup page, the ACM-NYC Meetup page, and NYCResistor’s blog. I’ve embedded video of the ACM talk below.


Title photo by David Rey. You can find more of his photos of this event at the NYC Soft Robotics Technology Group Meetup here.

Gold Leaf Graffiti

Remember, remember... this microwave runs hot so don't burn your popcorn.

Sorry for the radio silence. I’ve been out and about animating a big new thing for the big new Disney store in Time Square. It’s half awesome and half awful. If you’re ever in that neighborhood and happen to glance Disney-ward (not that I’d recommend it) you’ll be able to decide for yourself.

In the meantime, I was able to hit NYC Resistor with @glukkake for Craft Night and made some progress on a project that’s been bubbling between us for the past week or two: Gold Leaf Graffiti. I can’t go on enough about how awesome the Resistors are, how I need to spend oodles more time there, and how much I adore laser cutting.

This squid feels quite at home on a pizza box, as pizzas and squids go together like inappropriate innuendo and your mom.

So, glukkake and I came up with this idea in tandem. The whole thing goes like this: gold leaf is usually applied with a mild adhesive called size. Most often this is painted on, but it can just as easily be sprayed or applied with a roller. We thought: “Laser cutters make stencils well. We’ve got spray adhesive. What mischief can we get up to?” So, after a few tries and some blobby sticky messes, we’ve got the process down to a science.

Pretty soon we’re going to be bringing the process to your local bar’s bathroom stall, the side of your school, and the subway. Watch out, because your world’s about to get fancy.