I was contacted by SOLS to build a wearable robot called the Adaptiv for the NBA All-Star Weekend.

The idea was to showcase the procedural modeling techniques, materials, and technologies behind their printed insoles with a futuristic robotic shoe. Jordan Dialto of Leadoff Studio approached me to design the soft robotic actuators and their integration with the procedurally generated upper.

I brought the mesh into SolidWorks, developed a surface to reflect its curves, and modeled the robotic elements, fastening methods, and a retaining endoskeleton to complete the design. The final integrated wearable is a combination of Form 1 SLA prints, SLS prints from Shapeways, stitched elements, custom molded and cast silicone actuators, and COTS hardware. It was powered by a CO2 system fabricated by Rush Design. The Adaptiv shoe went on to win a Red Dot Award for outstanding concept design.

You can find more info about Adaptiv on Wareable and Vimeo.