Lockpick Earrings

One of Sleek and Destroy’s most popular products – a set of functional lock pick earrings.

I designed these lock pick earrings for Sleek and Destroy, a brand I created as an outlet for art and experiments in product design.

These earrings are also functional lock picks made from acid etched 0.25mm stainless steel. The set includes a range of pick styles, from an S-rake to a diamond pick, as well as a tension wrench. Part of the motivation to create this design was the sheer volume of tactical, camo print, carbon fiber pattern, gunmetal, black webbing, male coded stuff in the hacker sphere. Often the concession to anyone outside of the core demographic is a sku of the same thing but in pink. I wanted to make something that dove as far away from that kind signaling as possible, and meshed with completely different kinds of personal presentations.