Pillow Mace!

I just put the finishing touches on a mace-shaped pillow, fashioned for NYC’s Pillow Fight Flash Mob this Saturday.  It rocks the awesome. Surprisingly it took a good yard of cushion foam and two bags of poly-fill to do this one up right and get it nice and spherical. In other interesting news this may be the first dodecahedron I’ve ever constructed.

Now, I’m not quite sure whether to call it complete and just bop people in my normal casual wear, or put together an entire Little Nemo themed ensemble to accompany it. I’ve looked into adult size footie pajamas, but they’re mad expensive for such a frivolous purpose.

Expect a forthcoming Instructable soon.

28 thoughts on “Pillow Mace!

    1. You know I was thinking the exact thing about pillow catapults the other night. It would be really satisfying to launch a few dozen pillows at a crowd.

      Glad you like the project. I’ve been to the SF pillow fight a few times, but never the one in NYC. I’m excited.

  1. If that haft is near as rigid as it looks, I’m slightly concerned about what the core is if there’s nothing denser than cushion foam in there. Even that much of a lighter foam can compress to complete uselessness as padding given a solid impact. And yes, I do have some knowledge and experience with constructing foam-padded weapons that will do no lasting harm given a very powerful swing. Long story.

  2. yo dawg saw you on the streets man
    thought you were so cool

    keep of tue hfantaseticc work

    1. Sorry I missed ya. Amazingly, the moment I entered the fight someone yelled “He’s got a pillow mace… Get him!” and I was instantly swamped. I ended up spending more time outside the ring recovering than inside. People got lots of shots. I really hope they start showing up on Flickr soon.

  3. whoa I actually have a picture of you! wish I’d caught the pillow mace in action though, it’s just a photo of you with your pillow over your shoulder and a woman giving you a frightened smile. let me know if you wants

    1. Fantastic. I love getting pictures with my projects. It’s so often I’m behind the camera I seldom get to see myself with the stuff I make. I’d love the photo. Feel free to send it on to m (the “at” symbol) har (and here you put the “dot”) ms. Or, if you have the Flickr, you can tag the photo “pillow mace” and I’ll add it to my collection.

  4. Hah! I walked past you on 13th Street and wondered what the hell that was. I thought it might be related to the pillow fight, but in NYC I’ve learned not assume things! Awesome!

  5. I love the contrast of the flower pattern to the actual weapon. Its like decorative detailing on a mediaeval piece of weaponry.

    1. I’d considered that. It’s possible, but getting them to act like a good chain and not stretch would be hard. It would stink if they were more like a spring as it would be hard to have it respond quickly for maximum mid-pillowfight pummeling.

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