SOLS Adaptiv – A Wearable Soft Robot

I was hired by SOLS to help out with their Adaptiv project. The idea was to showcase the procedural modeling techniques, materials, and technologies behind their printed insoles with a futuristic robotic shoe. Jordan Dialto, the industrial design lead at SOLS, approached me in my capacity as lead scientist at Super-Releaser to make a prototype soft robot shoe that could change shape and fit in response to the wearer.

Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 3.33.53 PM
The external shell (purple) retaining skeleton (grey) and soft actuators (teal) joined together with reference pins to be inserted into the original mesh.

The project started out with an external shell modeled by Continuum Fashion. Although the design was elegant, this posed a challenge for introducing the robotic elements and the engineered components that would stitch everything together. Since the external shell was generated in a mesh CAD program, it didn’t fit into SolidWorks’ reference frame. This meant using the mesh as a reference and generating a simplified surface to extrude the soft robot elements and retaining skeleton from. Continue reading

Transmet Panorama

The completed book looks freaking gorgeous.

Now that the Transmetropolitan Art Book has been out for a good long while, I’d like to show you my contribution to its majesty.

So, I started with some brainstorming sessions with some friends. The initial idea was to deface a WalMart with some black paint, sticking 3rd eyes on every goddamn smiley face we could find. That idea was quickly chucked out in favor of some kind of massive graffiti installation, trying to recreate a portion of the future San Franciscan landscape right here in good ‘ol modern day New York.

After some plotting and wandering about the city I found the location. Some long hours of photoshop, scanned versions of Transmet, and a visit to Kinko’s later I had myself some posters. In retrospect I wish I’d made so much more. There’s so much potential with layering advertisement on top of advertisement until it becomes a massive cluttered jumble of incomprehensible throbbing gristle. Still, there’s a little golden nugget of an idea inside of this piece that I’ll always cherish. Continue reading

The Anywhere Organ Continues

After much doing of things I’ve come up with the next big thing for the Anywhere Organ. This particular prototype was created in SolidWorks and then made all pretty with Illustrator. Again, the whole thing’s made of 3/4″ plywood cut out on an industrial laser.

There’s still a load left to do before I can call everything done, but I’m closer to completing this thing than I’ve ever been. All the fastenings and fits have tested beautifully, the design is pretty, and things seem to be working out, mechanically. It’s just in time, too, because the Anywhere Organ has been invited to premiere at the Figment Festival NYC next month .

Check out more of the Anywhere Organ on Flickr.

Pillow Mace Aftermath


I’d like to thank everyone who took a shine to my Pillow Mace. The pillow fight was tremendous, fun, and a wee bit terrifying. Just after the cops inspected my mace and gave me the go-ahead to enter the baraccaded pillow fighting zone someone yelled “He’s got a Pillow Mace… Get him!” That pretty much sums up the fight for me. I spent most of it bent double under the weight of hammering pillows. After about ten minutes of punishment I was deeply in need of an exit Continue reading

Pillow Mace!

I just put the finishing touches on a mace-shaped pillow, fashioned for NYC’s Pillow Fight Flash Mob this Saturday.  It rocks the awesome. Surprisingly it took a good yard of cushion foam and two bags of poly-fill to do this one up right and get it nice and spherical. In other interesting news this may be the first dodecahedron I’ve ever constructed.

Now, I’m not quite sure whether to call it complete and just bop people in my normal casual wear, or put together an entire Little Nemo themed ensemble to accompany it. I’ve looked into adult size footie pajamas, but they’re mad expensive for such a frivolous purpose.

Expect a forthcoming Instructable soon. Continue reading

Transmetropolitan on the Streets of Manhattan

You can see the full version when you buy the book.

So, wheatpasting guerrilla art on the mean Manhattan streets should have felt like the rebellious act of a disenfranchised youth, lashing out against a cold uncaring system.  Instead, incredibly, there were people clustered around asking polite and searching questions about the project as I busily defaced advertisements on my little patch of Chelsea.

However disillusioned I may be about the sexy rebel lifestyle of a graffiti artist this project has made me incredibly happy. Here’s a little preview of what’s going to be published in the Transmetropolitan Art Book. I highly recommend picking up a copy when it hits comic book stores in a few months.


Transmet NYC on BoingBoing.

Transmetropolitan Installation NYC

I’ve been busy putting together an installation as my contribution to the Transmetropolitan Art Book. Amazingly some previews I’ve put together have been making the rounds on the internet. BoingBoing‘s Xeni Xardan just put together a post, and Warren Ellis tweeted it to the masses.

I’m busily assembling photos from the installation for the version that will be printed in the art book. Hopefully, everything will be out and fabulous by Thursday.