Glowy Crystal Ring

Do you like 3D printing, mold making, industrial design, jewelry, and RGB LED’s? You’re in luck, then. I just finished this tutorial for Adafruit and think it’s well worth a look.

In this project, I attempted to make an Arduino powered device that was easy to use, easy to make, and self contained. Every 3d printed component can be done in a single build without support material. The ring has a battery, switch, and USB port. Once it’s together, all you need to charge or reprogram it is a USB Micro cable.


Silver TARDIS Ring

So, after some trial and error, I finally have some lovely TARDIS rings to show off. They’re cast from a high resolution 3d print generated in SolidWorks. One of the beautiful bits about using a CAD program to drive the design is that I can change the proportions of the ring, shank, and TARDIS independently while keeping it within some attractive, reasonable proportions.

They’re available for presale on Etsy. Continue reading

Tiny Tiny Dalek and Tiny Tiny TARDIS Rings

In just a few days I’ll be revealing the fruits of an effort that has lasted months. I’ve designed some adorably tiny TARDIS and Dalek rings for your wearing pleasure, and the final silver castings will be arriving before the ides of October.

I can’t wait to wear mine and reenact epic battles for time and space while wearing my best clever glasses. They’ll be available to purchase soon on Sleek and Destroy.

Oh, and you remember those laser cut leather goggles I made a while ago? They’re coming back with a vengeance.

T-Rex Skulls

Look, even the fancy and completely awesome Emmy Cicierega loves 'em.

Everybody loves T-Rex, though the mix of tender admiration and outright fear can get a bit muddy at times. If you prefer your Tyrannosaurus dead, as opposed to roaming free during a tropical storm on a dinosaur island, you may care for these little T-Rex Skull pendants, cufflinks, earrings, and rings. They’re fancy and completely immune to the effects of chaos theory.

Remember the days of the enormous terrible lizards.

Do you recall those heady days before the thousand tonne slab of roving space debris plowed into the earth like a wayward Ford Taurus, ending the reign of the terrible lizards as flatly as a period on the end of a sentence?

You might want to remind yourself of those heady days with some T-Rex skull swag.

The Apatosaurus is in Stock and in Style

Longnecks don't play with Three horns.

Ladies and gents! I’m pleased to announce that Apatosaurus cufflinks, earrings, pendants, and rings are available at Sleek and Destroy right this instant. Now this elegant, enormous sauropod can be yours in convenient jewelry size.

Do you love irony? Then your’e going to adore the fact that these laser cut acrylic pieces likely contain atoms that once belonged to a dinosaur, slowly congealed into petroleum through millions of years of heat and pressure.

Courage Wolf Cufflinks!

These absurdly kickass cufflinks are made with lasers. LASERS.

I’m releasing a new design up on Sleek and Destroy. If you’ve ever wanted to adorn your wrists with something meme-tastic, sensational, and entirely geeky they might just be your bag.  If cufflinks aren’t quite your style, you might consider courage wolf earrings, pendants, or rings.

So what are you waiting for? Go get yourself some cufflinks. What, you need additional motivation? Use the code INSOMNIAC at checkout to get an additional 10% off your entire order.


Sleek and Destroy

Raptors... Why does it always have to be Raptors?

I’ve just opened up a store called Sleek and Destroy. I’m filling it with awesome, stylish, nerdy goodies. I’m starting out by releasing a new laser cut piece every week. Currently you can find a selection of jewelry featuring Guy Fawkes, the iconic symbol of the shadowy hacker group Anonymous, and some utterly incredible raptors. They’ll make you want to don a white suit, complete with Colnel Sanders beard, and found your own dinosaur island. Continue reading