I’m Matthew Borgatti. I have been building things, investigating systems, and exploring the intersections between design, materials, and technology for over 15 years. You may have seen movies featuring monsters I’ve built, played with some of the open source projects I’ve released, or bought one of the products I’ve helped design. My work has been featured in Wired, Vice, BoingBoing, PopSci, FastCompany, and TechCrunch. There’s a good chance that one of my Hackerspace Passports is at your local community DIY spaces.

Between getting my industrial design degree at RISD and now, I’ve built a real-life Tomagotchi featuring microscopic water bears for Google ATAP, space suit gloves for NASA, inflatable drone shells for Google Wing, handwriting robots, kite powered racing boats, and wearable technologies for some of the world’s premier R&D labs. I also animated a science series for NOVA, wrote the book on soft robotics, and built a Spider-Man inspired wall climbing suit for the show “Prototype This”. I’m a member of NYC Resistor, New York’s longest running hackerspace and spend my free time writing about design theory and riding my bike around Brooklyn.

I founded and manage programs at Super-Releaser, a creative technology consultancy that amplifies innovation development using integrated design, rapid prototyping, and applied science. Our clients include NASA, Google X, Midnight CommercialGoogle ATAP, 3Scan, SOLS, and Cadillac.

My book, Soft Robotics (0’Reilly Press, 2018), is the first mainstream published book on the topic of soft robotics. It takes people new to the subject through its history, properties, and applications using over a dozen DIY robotics tutorials.